Alison Weisz

Who am I?
Passion, Mindfulness, Perseverance. Three words I strive to incorporate daily. I have a passion for all things life, especially competitive rifle shooting. Mindfulness is easily forgotten in the constant movement of our typical lifestyles, yet highly beneficial in our sport. Life will not always go the way you planned but if you persevere each time, success will find you. My goal is to help athletes learn to embrace each of these terms, plus more, in their sport and also their life. I love to see young athletes following their dreams and their successes along the way. I want to be available as a resource to athletes of all levels to discuss training techniques, difficulties, differences, successes and anything else related. Experienced in building training plans, understanding balance of sport and life, and even the trials and tribulations to provide the “do’s and do not’s”. Looking forward to interacting with y’all!

4x NCAA individual qualifier, first freshman to qualify in program history
2x NCAA All-American
3x All-Conference honors
3x nominee for Most Valuable Rebel across all collegiate sport programs at Ole Miss
2016 NCAA Air Rifle Championship Bronze Medalist
2017 National Champion
2018 World Championship Team Member
2018 Championship of the Americas Silver Medalist
2018 Winter Airgun Championships Gold Medalist
Women’s Air Rifle National Record Holder

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics