Bronze Member Home Page

Welcome to the Bronze Member Home Page

Here you will find your access to all Membership materials for your unlimited use. If this is your first time to your membership page, take a few minutes to explore and look around. As always, if you have a question on any of the training sessions or materials, you can ask a question on that page.


Standing can be one of the most challenging positions in all of competitive positions. In this section, we will take you through every aspect of the standing position from the ground up. Make sure you try each suggestion and find what works for you!


The Kneeling position is a “Sling Position” and you will see it in 3 Position Air and 3 Position Smallbore. Kneeling can be a challenging position and we will take you through the basics to ensure stability and consistency!


The Prone position in 3 Position shooting is usually one of the most stable positions as long as you have the basics mastered. In this section you will be able to learn and practice a variety of options to make sure that you have a Prone position that will be consistent.

Equipment and Gear

Equipment and Gear can be a Subjective area. We will explain all of your options for each position and give you recommendations. Once you have the opportunity to try them you will be able to solidify your selections. We will also give you links and discounts to our favorites!


This is a Bonus section that will give you tips and suggestions from the Pros! Here you find little known ideas that can really improve your shooting.

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